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Ash Wood (2.7 acres) 2022

Up until August 2022, Ash Wood has been surrounded by a 1.8m high deer fence installed 30 years ago when this area was planted up by the previous estate owners. At this time the owners planted Sitka and Norwegian Spruce at the lower end of the wood and along the perimeter fence. They also planted snowberry and privet which appear to be less palatable to roe deer as these have spread.

The upper two thirds of Ash Wood include mature silver birch and alder with no evidence of regeneration because of grazing pressure from roe / red deer.

There is an SSE power line running through the lower section of the wood with a 16m free fell corridor. There’s also evidence of some spruce regeneration in the form of seedlings and younger trees. Whilst there’s no evidence of birch or ash regeneration, the hawthorn is stunted and shows a knuckled effect because of repeated grazing.

The lower end of Ash wood is densely planted with Sitka spruce which blocks out light and prevents regeneration, choking rowan, birch and Scots pine.

August 2022

Work has begun removing the inner sections of the deer fence and the outer perimeter section has been strengthened to prevent red /roe deer access. This allows natural regeneration to take place.

October 2022 – March 2023

Non-native species will be gradually removed and thinned as natural regeneration of native trees increases. Ring barking will create standing deadwood as part of our target to increasing deadwood habitat for insects, fungi etc.

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