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Green Corridors

Think of these green corridors as a myriad of tiny passages that allow insects, birds and mammals to move safely under cover from predators such as raven and buzzard. Right now, red squirrels move from one site to the other using the exposed drystone dyke.


As part of our light touch approach, we will plant a mix of native trees around the north west boundary and at the top of the property to provide cover for wildlife eg. Red squirrel. Our tree list will include those species that would normally be seen in this area with reduced grazing and are missing and those where representation is minimal at the moment: Aspen, blackthorn, bird cherry, gean, crab apple, dog rose, elder, wysh elm, guelder rose, hawthorn, hazel, holly, juniper, oak, goat and purple willow.


Protection from the munching mouths of sheep and deer will give these corridors a chance to ‘get away’ and grow quickly.

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