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“Our mission is to help this piece of land recover and regenerate and involve as many people as we can along the way. We want to share our experiences with you so that our ideas can reach well beyond this Perthshire hillside.”



Once upon a time..

Lettoch used to be a small family farm where the farmer grazed some cows, sheep and a few ponies. Hay crops were taken for winter feeding and the land was covered with low-lying pasture and a hillside moor. Livestock once mingled with deer, mammals and birds. 

We arrived at Lettoch two decades ago when its days as a farm were long gone; replaced with a focus on field sports across the wider estate. This and unmanaged sheep grazing reduced the abundance of wildlife and silenced a chorus of birds. The presence of badgers, foxes and hares has all but ceased.  

Rewilding Lettoch is just one part of a world-wide story of wildlife and habitat loss.  Learning to restore what once was a richer, natural ecosystem at Lettoch, has become our passion, and we’re determined to get you involved.  

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